I had a bit of back and forth with David Heatley a while back. I missed his final, and very gracious comment:

I really appreciate everything that was said. I’m chastened by all of this. My long-winded response had way too much passive aggressive attitude in it. I can see that. I don’t like being bullied or being hit with personal attacks which have nothing to do with my book, but it was no excuse to go on the offense myself. This probably doesn’t seem at all obvious, but I really am trying to cultivate more humility in my life and relinquish a sense of control (Thanks for the person who said “you can’t control the reaction to your book.” I needed to hear that). My reaction “essay” really just illustrated the opposite tendency in me. This little shit storm of negativity was a good excuse to practice trying not to take it all personally. I’m not my book. I have an ego like anyone else and it can get ugly. Sometimes it needs to be cut down to size. Thanks to everyone who took a swing at me and to Frank for leading it off.

Not sure anyone else cares, but it made me feel a lot better about the back and forth. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, David’s a friend, so it’s nice to feel that at least there’s the possibility that there aren’t as many hard feelings as I feared.