My neighbor Henri, while watching the scene in Godfather where Don Corleone views his son’s body: “When you’re dead, they don’t take care of you, they get rid of you.”
He expands on the theme a while. “When a cow is dead, you say get rid of that fucker. You do not keep it around, no.” The whole speech is typical of him, because he’s pretending you treat a dead person the way you treat a dead animal. Henri wouldn’t visit his stepfather at the hospital when the old man was dying, and as a result Henri’s daughter wouldn’t talk to himĀ for two years. It’s just a month or so that she started again.
Henri is talking to the guy from Apartment 3 while I do my qi gong. The Godfather that’s playing is from Henri’s collection of old video tapes and the colors have gone blurry, like the print was made of toilet paper.

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