“Look, I’m a first-time director …”

This is at Cafe Depot. I look over and there’s a boy in his early 20s, I guess, talking to a man of about 30, I guess. Boy: “… whoever gives us money … I wouldn’t be sitting here right now … To a certain extent, I mean, the language …” And so on. Those are the bits I get.
He’s got curly brown hair, a striped jersey, blue windbreaker. Man has closely cut hair. [update,  I got up, stretched, and took a good look. The boy might be late 20s, and he’s got a suede button vest over a shirt of close black-and-white checks. I got the hair right, though. ]
The boy’s speaking with a lot of authority, but I have no idea what point he’s proving. Sounds like he’s trying to talk the man into something or other. 
update,  To tell the truth, his voice is getting on my nerves. “Right, understood. But these guys,” etc., etc.
update 2,  “I did a workshop over in LA with this lady, Joan Schechner, she’s a like a guru in …” Don’t know if I got the name right, of course.