I’ve just started the fourth Twilight novel, now, and I have to say, I’m really pretty into them. I think the third was maybe the best one. There’s a pretty great conversation where Edward explains that he wants to wait to sleep with Bella until after their married because he’s worried about her soul…and, okay, I’m a big sap, but I thought that was really sweet. And then, at the end, there’s a pretty great moment where he says, more or less correctly, that his efforts to protect her have all gone horribly awry and he’s an idiot and they should just do whatever she wants to do. I don’t know; there are a bunch of moments like that. He starts to seem vulnerable for the first time in this book, and human, which makes their relationship more real.

I’m still processing it…but I definitely like it way more than Harry Potter…and, I mean, it kicks most of Marvel and DCs output all to hell. There’s not even a comparison there.