“Miri.” … The girl in the title was supposed to be 12 or 13, but the actress was 19. A few years later she played the girl in True Grit, who was supposed to be 14. She got married five times. “After she starred in True Grit, film critics predicted that she was at the beginning of a long career as a great actress. In fact, she has made almost no films of note since.”  Still, she was John Cusack’s mom in Better Off Dead (1985); David Ogden Stiers played her husband. … Michael J. Pollard played the teen who was stirring up trouble among the kids. But he was 27. I give his name because I never saw True Grit but I did see Bonnie and Clyde, where he played the second second banana, right after Gene Hackman. He got a Supporting Actor nom for that, not bad. One of his later films was Melvin and Howard (1980).

With a face like Pollard’s, a real pulped masterpiece of boyish oddity, you’d think he would have been all over the place, in any goofy-guy role that came up, and it appears that he did at least work. … One of the little kids, a kid with an army helmet that has a net on it, is the son of Greg Morris, who was a Mission: Impossible regular. This same kid grew up and played Jackie Chiles on Seinfeld. … There’s a movie called Homeboys in Space. … One of Roddenberry’s daughters has a former schoolmate named the Rev. Peggy Pearl-Kirkby.

“Conscience of the King.”  The villain, Alto Karidian, is played by a guy who did Shakespeare from the 1930s to the late ’50s, then started doing Hollywood. His son helped start Sesame Street. … The character’s daughter, or the actress playing her, was voted Miss Memphis in high school and went on to do okay as a cool-blond type on tv. For instance, she played the police-woman sidekick on Ironsides, a crime-drama vehicle that ran for years (Raymond Burr’s in a wheelchair and he solves crimes). In the 1980s and ’90s “she worked frequently as a costume designer for a number of B movies.” Her first season of Ironsides, she had won an Emmy for best supporting actress. …

There was an episode of Mission: Impossible called “Cocaine” and it guest-starred William Shatner.  … Great movie title: Twenty-Three Paces to Baker Street. … The guy playing one of the ensigns is a Canadian doo-wop singer and “co-wrote the theme song for the hit TV series The Fall Guy.” 

Special notice: Bruce Hyde, a long-faced, distinctive guy in his 20s who was charming as the goofy Irish ensign, Lt. Riley. He showed up here and in “Naked Time” (he was the guy driving Kirk nuts by singing). Wiki just says he wound up teaching at St. Cloud State in Minnesota. Memory Alpha fills in this: Hyde did 9 tv guest shots in 13 months, then played Hair in San Francisco and was converted by his role into being an actual hippie. “I was going to get a Volkswagen bus and a big bag of brown rice and go find God. And that’s what I did.” Then he got his doctorate and now he’s chairman of Theater, Film Studies and Dance at St. Cloud. To me that’s not a bad way for things to work out.

… as Kevin Riley

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