Jesus, there’s a lot of this stuff. … Memory Alpha is a bit of a millstone; it’s more than doubled how much I have to read.

Ah well. Last batch here

“What Are Little Girls Made Of?” … Ted Cassidy. He was huge and odd looking, so he played aliens and monsters (like Lurch in The Addams Family). But he started as a radio personality in Dallas, where he did on-the-scene reporting about JFK’s death: 

On November 22, 1963, shortly after the John F. Kennedy assassination, Cassidy interviewed several of the witnesses, including two very close witnesses, William and Gayle Newman, after the Newmans had appeared on WFAA-TV, but before they left to go to the Dallas Sheriff’s office (no tape exists of that interview for the radio station did not start recording their broadcasts until about 1:45 PM). He also interviewed the manager of his radio station who was in the Book Depository and saw a man run out of the building shortly after the shooting. The manager offered several times to talk to Dallas police who repeatedly refused to interview him.

In 1978 he voiced the Thing on the cartoon Fantastic Four! And the opening narration for The Incredible Hulk. “He also co-wrote the screenplay of 1973’s The Harrad Experiment, in which he made a brief appearance.” The Harrad Experiment is about a college where all the kids get it on as part of progressive education.

Also from “What Are,” a credit for Eddie Paskey, “a U.S. actor primarily known for his role as ‘Lieutenant Leslie’, a redshirt, on Star Trek, in which he is noted for being the most omnipresent actor with the fewest got i spoken lines during the entire series. He appeared in 57 episodes.”

Paskey got into pictures when he was discovered pumping gas in the Pacific Palisades. He kept working at the station on weekends while doing tv guest spots, then quit show business in the late ’60s and “went into business for himself in Santa Ana, California, [eventually] owning and operating an auto-detailing service called The Air Shop with his wife Judy. He sold the business in 2004. Today, he and Judy, along with their 1955 T-Bird, and are members of Hot Rods Unlimited, a SoCal auto club.

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