Who am I kidding? Nobody’s going to link to this shit. But yeah, the last batch was here.

“What Are Little Girls Made Of.” Sherry Jackson. Wiki says Jackson “is probably best remembered today for her role as Terry Williams on The Danny Thomas Show (AKA Make Room for Daddy) from 1953–58.” According to Star Trek associate producer Robert Justman, the sight of Jackson in costume caused William Shatner to sweat and become crosseyed (though I don’t have the book at hand, so maybe memory exaggerates). 

“Dagger of the Mind.” The mad scientist was played by James Gregory, the guy who played Inspector Luger in Barney Miller! (And also the dopey McCarthyite/Communist pawn Sen. Johnny Iselin in The Manchurian Candidate!) He was an excellent comic actor, so good he made you glad the tv was on, but in “Dagger” he played a straight villain and anyway the episode is a real snooze.

Marianna Hill. She’s credited in Godfather II as “Deanna Dunn-Corleone,” which I think would make her the shiksa (or whatever the term would be for a shiksa equivalent in the Italian frame of reference) who married Fredo and then got too friendly with Troy Donahue. If so, she delivered a great little comic performance. (“Never marry an Italian! They treat their women like shit!”) 

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