… A 1970s tv movie called The Alpha Caper had Leonard Nimoy, Victor Taback, and James Sikking.

Also this guy, who in “Arena” plays an ensign. He gets offed or put out of commission early on. I think he gets to talk, has some sort of moment where he croaks out a warning or a few words, but basically he’s this close to being screen Kleneex, someone there to be got rid of. Meanwhile, offscreen, he was writing and putting on a stage adaptation of Gogol’s Diary of a Madman.

The guy’s wife was “a singer/comedienne” in the court of Lucille Ball, a “close friend and protege” of Ball’s, and he had studied with Uta Hagen, so you get a collision of different show-biz worlds there. Also, the Lucy connection probably helped get him the “Arena” part, since Desilu still owned the series at that point.

He had a career, Wiki says, with him and his wife doing a lot of plays, presumably in LA because they were “jointly honored with the 2002 L.A. Ovation Award for Career Achievements.” Seems all right. LA is a good-size city and I bet it’s doing all right for theater.

Here he is:


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