“Actor Jerry Ayres made two appearances on Star Trek: The Original Series. Ayres would go on to become a regular on the soap operas General Hospital and The Bold and the Beautiful. He also had a recurring role on the TV series Dynasty.”

Now down to the poster — I think that’s him. Episode’s definitely “Arena” and he’s the best match off the Mem Alpha cast list. (Quite a pose for Kirk there.)


The poster’s joke would be funnier with just the title word, not the legend below it — everyone knows about redshirts, and if they don’t the poster won’t mean much to them no matter what. [ update, No, I guess people who aren’t into Star Trek might get the joke with the legend’s help: that picture speaks volumes. But for people who do know Star Trek, and there’s a lot of them, the joke would be five times better w/ out the legend. ] 

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