… An actress named Helen Kleeb.

I find this episode hard to remember too, possibly because I resist seeing Kirk and the rest in a present-day setting (or a 1960s present-day setting).

The air force pilot (I mean the actor) who winds up on the Enterprise was married to Joanne Worley (Laugh-In) for 25 years and did a lot of tv work from the late ’50s to the early ’90s. I thought he was good in the part, which was a leading-man role like Kirk’s: two rugged men looking hard at tough situations. But it sounds like, though the guy worked, he never bounced too high in the cast lists. Wiki here

The tough air force sergeant with the stare occasions this Memory Alpha sentence: “Lynch was born as James Harold Tilton Lynch in Birmingham, Alabama, but grew up in the city of Opp.” That’s hard to beat. He was friends with Lee Meriwether.

A fellow who shows up in this and a few eps is John Winston, who plays Lt. Kyle, a flagrant redshirt. Wiki’s got his filmography and looks like he was around for all 3 seasons, also Wrath of Khan. He was English. Incredibly, he appeared in the Time Tunnel pilot, entitled “Rendezvous with Yesterday” and Lee Meriwether was in it too.

… A movie from my childhood whose title would have driven me crazy with desire if I’d ever known about it: Valley of the Dragons (1961).

Sherri Townsend. This was her only known screen appearance.

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