Here’s this week’s download. It’s more on the rock end of things:

1. T. Rex — The Slider (The Slider)
2. The Stooges — Little Doll (The Stooges)
3. Jesus and Mary Chain — Gimme Hell (Automatic)
4. The Stars — Double Sider (Perfect Place to Hide Away)
5. Cosmic Invention — Help Your Satori Mind (Help Your Satori Mind)
6. Necromandus — Nighjar (Downer Rock Genocide)
7. Saint Vitus — Dying Inside (Born to Lose)
8. Rolling Stone — Sister Morphine (Sticky Fingers)
9. Damon and Naomi — Beautiful Close Double (The Earth is Blue)
10. The 5th Dimension — Dreams-Pax-Nepenthe (Magic Garden)
11. The Observatory — Decarn (Dark Folke)

Download: Sister Nepenthe

And if you missed it, here’s last week’s download, featuring Chopin, Beyonce, Ol’ Dirty Bastard and others.