Hey everyone. Having worked my way up the ladder from lurker to commenter, Noah graciously offered me a position as the newest associate utilitarian. I’m unprepared and completely unqualified, but I’m pretty good at bullshitting, so I hope you’ll all bear with me.

Quick bio: I’m single, late twenties, middle class, white, and male. The entire entertainment industry is built around catering to me. Sorry.

I grew up in northern Virginia, specifically Fairfax County. My educational background is in history and public policy. Like many of my classmates, I ended up working for the federal government (in case you’re wondering, your tax dollars have in fact gone into my pocket. No, I didn’t really work that hard for it. Sorry). I’ve specialized in immigration, having worked for both the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice. If that sounds exciting to you, then you’ve clearly never worked in government.

I don’t have the typical comic geek background. For starters, I’ve never set foot in a comics shop. I started reading X-Men in my early teens, back when they could still be found in supermarkets, but I gave it up as soon as I got my first car. I didn’t care about comics at all until just a few years ago, when an old college friend lent me her copies of Sandman, Watchmen, and Maus. Being totally honest with you all, I never got past the first couple pages of Maus, but the other two books were enough to get me interested in comics again. And so I began reading everything I could find and looking for people on the Internet who shared my obsession. And it turns out that there are a freakin’ lot of people who blog about comics. So one more can’t hurt.

Thanks to Noah; hopefully I can contribute something to the HU.