Gary Groth let the cat out of the bag over at Comic Book Resources, so wanted to mention it to our readers as well. We’re going to be moving the Hooded Utilitarian over to the Comics Journal website as part of TCJ’s expanded web presence. The move should happen sometime in late November I think; details are still a little fuzzy on exact timing, though.

The change in location won’t affect our content at all; TCJ has asked us to go on doing what we’ve been doing…which means, for better or worse, there will be roundtables, guest stars, endless meanderings about Wonder Woman and gender, yaoi reviews, ongoing efforts to find mainstream titles that don’t suck, music downloads no one listens to, and the general scattershot approach to comics (and occasionally other things) you’ve come to expect from us here. The main difference you’ll see is that we’ll be in a different place and there will be some ads — but as far as what we’re nattering on about, the nattering on will be the same.

I’ll provide more details as I get them…but I’m certainly hoping that if you’ve been reading this site you’ll follow us over to our new location in a month or so. In the meantime, we’re here for a bit longer, so don’t change that bookmark just yet.


Update: For those coming over from Journalista to see what TCJ is getting exactly, you can check out Kinukitty’s latest yaoi column on Tales of the Waning Moon; see why I think Andy Helfer is better than R. Crumb; or check out this week’s race in comics roundtable.