This week started off with my two part discussion of comics, gender, masculinity, and the closet: Part One,and Part Two.

Richard reviewed the DVD Superman/Batman: Public Enemies which was very bad.

I reviewed Concrete: Strange Armor and Concrete: Human Dilemma which weren’t that bad, but weren’t good, either.

Kinukitty reviewed Foreign Love Affair. which she appreciated despite the fundoshi.

And Suat finished up the week wondering why on earth the critics like The Imposter’s Daughter.

And this week’s download with lots of shoegaze. You can also get last week’s if you missed it.

Off HU

I didn’t publish anything this week, alas, but I did get involved in a couple of comments threads which might be entertaining if you like that sort of thing.

Brief flame war here (keep scrolling)

This is a fun conversation about Quentin Tarantino, contemporary literature, Hemingway, C.S. Lewis, and other stuff.

Other Links

Tucker reviews comics as if he were French writer Michel Houllebec. I wish I’d thought of that.

Sean Collins is wrong, wrong, wrong about the abstract comics anthology. I really liked his review, though.

I haven’t read The Big Khan, but I suspect reading Chris Mautner’s snarky review is more fun anyway.

Robert Alter provides what is probably the definitive commentary on Crumb’s Genesis. Thanks to Suat for the link.

Matt Yglesias compares racism in Europe and the U.S