Disco, Amerie, and a little Thai pop.

1. Pamela Bowden — Ma tum hai ruk tummai (How to Make Love) (E Nang Dance)
2. Amerie — Tell Me You Love Me (In Love and War)
3. Amerie — Heard ‘Em All (In Love and War)
4. Amerie — Dangerous (In Love and War)
5. Amerie — Higher (In Love and War)
6. Ultramagnetic MCs — Ego Trippin’ (Critical Breakdown)
7. A Taste of Honey — You (Anthology)
8. First Choice — The Player (Philly Golden Classics)
9. Chic — My Feet Keep Dancing (Risque)
10. Universal Robot Band — Dance and Shake Your Tambourine (Master of the Masterpiece vol. 2 — The Best of Patrick Adams)
11. The Kids — Hupendi Muziki Wangu? (You Don’t Like My Music?) (Horse Meat Disco)
12. Pamela Bowden — Sao Earn ror ruk (Electric Building Look Young Love) (E-nang Dance)

Download Electric Building Look Young Love.

And last week’s download if you missed it is here.