For those new to HU: Music For Middle Brow Snobs is a weekly feature in which I post a downloadable mix. It’s free, so enjoy — and if you like an artist consider buying their music and/or finding some other way to contribute to their continued existence.

As some of you may be aware, I’ve become somewhat obsessed with Thai pop music recently, especially luk thung (somewhat misleadingly referred to as Thai country music.) So I thought I’d do a playlist devoted to the topic.

1. Pamela Bowden — Poo Kai Kai Loong (E-nang Dance 2)
2. Aump Nuntiya and Boonta Muangmai — Ruk Song Paen Din (Wong Kalamae)
3. Aump Nuntiya and Boonta Muangmai — Num Tah Lon Bon Tee Norn (Wong Kalamae)
5. Peter Sareewong — Yug Yai Yug Lek (Loog Thung Super-Hit Volume 2)
6. Pamela Bowden — Kor Pen Nang Eek (Kaew Ta Duang Jai)
6. Sithiporn Soontorapod —Nong Mae Khon Mai (Look Thung Super-Hit Volume 2)
7. Sunaree Rachaseema — Ban Ro (Sunaree Classic Hit)
8. Sunaree Rachaseema — Krai Nor (Sunaree Classic Hit)
9. Duangjan Suwannee — Yung Ruk Yung Ror (Mai Kla Mee Ruk)
10. Yui Yaryer — Roo Tan Na (Yui Yum Yum vol. 7)
11. Cathaleeya Marasri — Sao Muang Noni (Ruam Hit Pleng Duam)
12. Cathaleeya Marasri — Bon Kae Buer (Ruam Hit Pleng Duam)
13. Jintara Poonlab — Gig tarng jai (Jumbo HIt)
14. Siriponr Umpaipong — Tum-naeng Tee Mai Tong Karn (Bow Ruk See Dum)
15. Siriporn Umpaipong — Rean Korn Mae Sorn Wai (Bow Ruk See Dum)
16. Jing-Reed-Kao Wongtewan — Num Tah Fah (Dance) (Hudcha Dance)

Download Luk Thung Apocalypse.

Last weeks’ download is here.

If you’re interested in obtaining any of these albums, your best bet is probably ethaicd. Their catalogue isn’t always entirely updated, but I’ve gotten surprisingly good customer service.

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