As we’ve mentioned a time or two, HU is moving bit, byte, and barrel over to the new! improved! Comics Journal website!

Though we’ll be at a different location, our content will not change; you’ll still have your long meandering posts about Wonder Woman and gender, your enthusiastic manporn reviews; your quest for mainstream titles that do not suck; your erudite explorations of comics classics.; your irritatingly named roundtables,; your music downloads no one listens to, your occasional Thai pop videos, and all the other fun features which you’ve come to expect when you click over here.

Also, coming up later this week at the new space, I’m going to try to get myself fired, and then (presuming that doesn’t work) we’re going to have a knock-down drag-out roundtable on Dan Clowes’ Ghost World.

All of which is to say, I hope you’ll follow us to our new location. And if you have a link to us on your site (and thank you!) I hope you’ll redirect it to where the new content is.

This address will stay in place as an archive. I thought, as long as we’re going, I would post some links to a few of my favorite posts from the past years. Feel free to just skip ahead to the new site if the maudlin nostalgia seems too intense.


The first post I did to this site was my long, complete interview with Johnny Ryan, an expurgated version of which ran in TCJ a ways back.

Also going back a bit is this gallery of cartoons by the amazing editorial cartoonist Art Young. From that page you can click around to some other images and my essay on the cartoonist, if you’re so inclined.

One of my favorite roundtables on the site (featuring Bill Randall, Tom Crippen, and Miriam Libicki) was our discussion of the feminist Japanese manga Helter Skelter by Kyoko Okazaki. That discussion also links up at the end to the Mary Sue roundtable, which is also one of my favorites, so you can click over there if you’re just not getting enough roundtableism.

Tucker Stone and I did a back and forth discussion of Bob Haney’s Brave and Bold.

Tom Crippen’s epic discussion of Marvel Comics and Civil War is the piece that really won me over to his writing when I saw it in the Comics Journal. It’s great.

Miriam Libicki’s post on Rogue of the X-Men is shorter, but also a favorite of mine.

I also love Bill Randall’s apocalyptic vision of manga as apocalyptic coccoon.

And Kinukitty’s even more obsessive than you’ve grown to expect discussion of “In the End.”

And for more recent highlights: our Sandman roundtable and Steven Grant’s great guest post on race and comics, and Richard’s review of Image United.


And…I think that’s it. I’m kind of reluctant to go; it’s a little sad to say goodbye to the place, even if we’re not really leaving the internets. Thanks to all the bloggers who have been kind enough to lend their talents here, to the folks who have linked to us, to our commenters, and to our readers. Hope to see you all soon on the flip side.

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