I was asked to contribute some metal recommendations to the ongoing end of year best of blowout at the Factual Opinion. I thought I’d do a playlist to go along with my choices. So here’s some of my favorite metal from the last year/decade.

1. Rites of Thy Degringolade — Totality’s Reign (An Ode to Sin)
2. Harvey Milk — We Destroy the Family (Fear) (Life…The Best Game in Town)
3. Marduk — To Redirect Perdition (Wormwood)
4. Funeral Mist — Anti-Flesh Nimbus (Maranatha)
5. Gallhammer — Endless Nauseous Days (Gloomy Lights)
6. Drudkh — Decadence (Microcosmos)
7. Xasthur — Soul Abduction Ceremony (Microcosmos)
8. Khanate — In That Corner (Clean Hands Go Foul)
9. Pyha — Song of Oldman (The Haunted House)
10. Lugubrum — Kadurha (Albino De Congo)

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