A completely not-Christmas-themed music download for Christmas:

1. Edward Williams — The Sex Life of the Fern (Life on Earth Soundtrack)
2. Animal Collective — Graze (Fall Be Kind)
3. Suzuki Junzo — Ameria (Pieces for Hidden Circles)
4. Michio Kurihara — The Old Man and the Evening Star (Sunset Notes)
5. Isaiah Owens — You Without Sin Cast the First Stone (Fire in My Bones)
6. Amazing Farmer Singers — I Got a Telephone in My Bosom (Fire in My Bones)
7. Alice Keys w/Beyonce — Put It In a Love Song (The Element of Freedom)
8. Mariah Carey — Candy Bling (Memoir of an Imperfect Angel)
9. Ina Unt Ina — These Eyes (All Sides of Ina)
10. Antony and the Johnsons — Another World (The Crying Light)
11. Ulrich Schnauss — As If You’ve Never Been Away (Far Away Trains Passing)
12. Daylight Dies — Dismantling Devotion (Dismantling Devotion)

Download Sex Life of the Fern.

Happy holidays!

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