Some blaxploitation themes, some thai pop, and a bunch of things I learned about from participating in the best song of the year extravaganza which will soon be unveiled over at The Factual Opinion.

1. Dennis Coffey — Theme From Black Belt Jones (Can You Dig It?)
2. Joe Simon — Theme From Cleopatra Jones (Can You Dig It?)
3. Tanya Morgan — Alleye Need (Brooklynati)
4. Pamela Bowden — Ruk Tai Luey (Bow Daeng Saraeng Jai)
5. Pamela Bowden — Noo Mai Dai Len (I Can’t Play) (Pa Ched Na La Jai)
6. Gui Boratto — No Turning Back (Take My Breath Away)
7.Ulrich Schnauss — Blumenwiese Neben Autobahn (Far Away Trains Passing)
8. Ryan Leslie — Gibberish (Ryan Leslie)
9. Rihanna — Te Amo (Rated R)
10. A Sunny Day in Glasgow — Failure (Ashes Grammar)
11. Yeah Yeah Yeahs — Hysteric (It’s Blitz)
12. M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel — Never Had Nobody Like You (She & Him)
13. Yui Yardyer — Park Wa Mue Wai (Yui Yum Yum Vol. 7)
14. Ajareeya Bussaba — Kang Rom Khon Diew (Hua Jai…Mee Ngarn Kao)

Download Theme From Jones.

You can get last week’s best of the year mix here.