Everybody and their mother has been telling me how great the yeah yeah yeahs are, and I liked that song “Hysteric,” so I got “It’s Blitz” — and it’s really irritating me. My patience for the art school post-CBGBs “we’re really smart, and yet earthy in a cosmopolitan way” thing has worn extremely thin in my advancing middle age. If you’re going to be art school, be fucking flamboyant and weird like Ina Unt Ina or Khanate or even Cat Power. Because I really don’t care that you can be, like, totally cool like an oppressed person while still frantically signaling your high-brow cred. I can listen to VU and Blondie and Sonic Youth if I want that crap; I really don’t need anyone else to reiterate it.

Or am I just overly cranky?

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