This is a women-in-extreme-metal playlist. I believe Dickless, Gallhammer, Doughnuts, Astarte, and Murkrat are all-female bands; The Witches may have a guy on drums; the rest have one or two women (mostly keyboards and vocals, I think.)

Gallhammer is Japanese; Doughnuts are Swedish; Astarte is Greek; The Witches are French; Gehenna is I believe Norwegian; Murkrat is Australian. The rest are from the U.S., I’m pretty sure.

1. Dickless — I’m a Man (I’m a Man EP)
2. Dickless — Saddle Tramp (I’m a Man EP)
3. Gallhammer — Blind My Eyes (Ill Innocence)
4. Doughnuts — Impure (The Age of the Circle)
5. Astarte — Satisfaction of the Dead (Dancing in the Dark Seas of Evil)
6. Astarte — Deviate (Sirens)
7. The Witches — Black Sorcerer (Awakening: Females in Extreme Music)
8. Acrostichon — Pain (Awakening: Females in Extreme Music)
9. Thor’s Hammer — …in our Hands Alone (May the Hammer Split the Cross)
10. Gehenna — Unearthly Loose Palace (First Spell)
11. Noothgrush — Sysyphus Narrow Way (Erode the Person)
12. Murkrat — Plague Gestation (Murkrat)
13. Ludicra — Collapse (Fex Urbis Lex Orbis)

Download I’m a Plague.

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