A couple of Beethoven sonatas and random other things. I am excessively into the Alan Parsons Project and Priestess. I love prog.

1. Wilhelm Kempff — Beethoven Sonata #27 in E Minor, Op. 90 (Late Piano Sonatas)
2. Siriporn Umpaipong — Lakorn Chewit (Jumbo Hit)
3. Sade — Be That Easy (Soldier of Love)
4. Lady Gaga — Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I can Say) (The Fame Monster)
5. Martyn (featuring the Spaceape) — Is This Insanity? (Great Lengths)
6. Alan Parsons Project — The Voice (I Robot)
7. Priestess — The Firebird (Prior to the Fire)
8. Necro Deathmort — I Fought the Law and the Law Won Because Fighting Is Against the Law (The Beat Is Necrotronic)
9. The Skaden — A Peaceful Moment (You’ll Hope I Died)
10. Liz Carroll and John Doyle — The Island of Woods
11. 1349 — To Rottendom (In Play)
12. Claudio Arrau — Piano Sonata No 32 in C. Minor, Op. 111

Download Wilhelm and Claudio.

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