I’ve been a little obsessed with mashups recently, so I thought in honor of our free culture roundtable, I’d try making one of my own. Of course:

— I can’t beat match,

—my only software is Garage Band

—which I don’t know how to use,

— I’m a Paid Music Critic

— which means I have the musical eptitude of a lightly lobotomized bag of hammers.

These factors might deter others…but hell, Nina Paley’s got me all gung ho on niche markets, so I figure somewhere out there there’s a vital fanbase that wants to hear Beyonce incompetently combined with Australian female doom metal. No doubt there are LiveJournal groups and message boards and lord knows what else, right?


In any case, without further ado, here is Single Plague, in which Beyonce battles Murkrat, with a brief cameo by the Carter Family. Download it and weep.

For a discussion of real mashups and a list of some of the best, try this list and discussion by Alan Benard.

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