I’ve been somewhat obsessed with mashups recentl, especially DJ Lobsterdust, who is pretty great. So there’s some of that, and Thai music and other things….

1. Yvonne Fair — Love Ain’t No Toy (The Bitch Is Black)
2. DJ Lobsterdust — Always Single (Beyonce vs. Lenny Kravitz)
3. King of Pain — Badd to Me (The Cure vs. the Ying-Yang Twins)
4. Trevor Dandy — Is There Any Love (Good God! A Gospel Funk Hymnal)
5. Madline Bell — I’m Gonna Make You Love Me (Soulful Divas vol. 1)
6. Salak Siathong — Suang Nang (Cautions for the Girl) (Siamese Soul)
7. Siriporn Umpaipong — Sao Electone (Jumbo Hit)
8. The Alan Parsons Project — One Good Reason (Ammonia Avenue)
9. J.-P.M & Co. — Baby Topless (Jean-Pierre Massiera – Psychoses Discoïd)
10. Lenlow — Orinoco Bitch (Enya vs. The Prodigy)
11. Sugarcubes — Deus (Remix) (LIfe’s Too Good)
12. Wilhelm Kempf — Beethoven Piano Sonata #31 in A. Flat, Op. 110 – 1. (Late Piano Sonatas)
13. DJ Lobsterdust — Baby Arrow (Marvin Gaye and Mary Wells vs. The Album Leaf vs. The Carpenters)
14. The Country Gentlemen — The Fields Have Turned Brown (Folk Songs and Bluegrass)
15. Johnny Cash — Redemption Day (Ain’t No Grave)
16. Johnny Cash — Sam Hall (The Man Comes Around)

Download: Cautions for the Girl.

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