Doom metal, black metal, a little death metal, and some tuba metal.

I don’t know what the Japanese is. Maybe Bill can help? (Don’t know that he reads these posts, but it’s worth a shot.)

1. Dwarr — Lonely Space Traveler (Animals)
2. The Skaden —?????????? (You’ll Hope I Died)
3. Eikenskaden —Virgins Are Buried Wearing a Wedding Dress (665.999)
4. Thergothon — Elemental (Stream From the Heavens)
5. Ludicra — Time Wounds All Heels (Another Great Love Song)
6. Ludicra — Clean White Void (The Tenant)
7. Acrostichon — Engraved in Black (Engraved in Black)
8. 1349 — Uncreation (Revelations of the Black Flame)
9. 1349 — Nathicana (Hellfire)
10. Arriver — The Darkest Corner of the Continent (Simon Mann EP)
11. Bellows — Haunt (Bellows)

Download Virgins Are Buried Wearing a Wedding Dress.

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