I’m pleased to announce that next month HU will be adding four (count ’em, four!) new monthly columnists to our regular roster of bloggers. Our new columnists are:

Erica Friedman of Okazu.

Matthias Wivel of the Metabunker.

Domingos Isabelinho of The Crib Sheet.

And our own kinukitty who will be moving from blogger to columnist.

All of these folks should be familiar if you’ve bounced around the blogosphere. Matthias and Domingos have written for TCJ at various points I believe, and Erica is the founder and organizer of Yuricon and ALC publishing. And of course, kinukitty has written on and off for HU. They’re all great writers and thoughtful people, and I’m thrilled to have them writing here.

For the moment we’re planning to have columns appear on Sunday, and the first should go up on May 3, if I’ve got my sundial calibrated correctly. (Update: I didn’t have it calibrated correctly! It’s May 2.) So please welcome them aboard, comment copiously, show them where we keep the snack food, etc.
And as long as I’m announcing things — I thought I’d mention that, if you have an idea for a post or an article that you’d like to write for HU, please don’t hesitate to contact me. We do have other writers pop up here occasionally, as you’ve probably noticed, and I would like to do more of that as well. You can contact me at noahberlatsky on gmail.

Also, do let me know, either in comments or by email, if you have ideas for improving the site, or features you’d like to see added. One reader pointed out that we should have a comments feed, and as you can see we have now added that up at the right. Suggestions would be especially welcome as I think there is a redesign coming down the pike at some point in the mid-future, which would be a good time to implement some changes.

So thanks for your feedback, and thanks again to our new columnists…who you will be hearing from in person shortly!

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