“Kingyo Used Books” is the heartwarming tale of a guy who finds a used book shop that sells manga and it reignites his faith in manga which is also his faith in life. And, of course, you’re reading a manga too, and it’s a manga about how great it is that you’re reading manga, which makes your life double-plus good worthwhile with a cute manga storekeep thrown in into the bargain for you to start a meaningful flirtation with and perhaps “something more,” I wouldn’t be surprised. And that’s incredibly valuable because, after all, the book seems to say, the people reading this aren’t actually people at all — they’re glommed together homonculi made out of consumer enthusiasms and social networking software and smiley icons. Without the reassuring infrastructure of positive blogging, they’d experience buyer’s remorse and simply discorporate.

Until now! Because “Kingyo Used Books” kicks the critics to the curb and speaks to you directly. “Manga!” it says. “Manga’s great! Don’t let anyone tell you different! It’s good…and good for you!” So give that manga a hug. It likes you because you like it because it likes you — and there’s nothing more important than a beautiful relationship with the crap you buy.

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