Back when we were discussing the niceness of manga critics, someone asked me about some of the other critics that I was reading.  I mentioned a few suggestions, but the idea stuck in my mind.  The critics and critical circles that seem everyday normal to me (everybody reads coffeeandink, right?) aren’t that familiar or known to everyone.  So when my circle of reading started talking about Mary Sues, it occurred to me that a link roundup might be of interest to some HU readers, since HU hosted a roundtable on the topic not that long ago.

Storming the Battlements or: Why the Culture of Mary Sue Shaming is Bully Culture.

Also, one of these days I’m going to write up a big damn meta post on why the culture around Mary Sue shaming has huge misogynist overtones all over it

Such stuff as dreams are made on

on mary sue policing and why i cannot abide it

Man of Steel!

dissection of Mary Sue and our issues with her

way too much rambling on mozart and mary sues

I have a little trouble

The matter is being doggedly pursued

more on mary sues

Mary Sues on Metafandom

thinky thoughts on Mary (Gary) Sues

wherein Liz thinks about Mary Sues

What I Mean By Mary-Sue and Why I Hate Her

The Mary Sue Character Displacement Theory

A Very Long Entry About Mary Sues

in which I am old…

I was hoping to a little writeup of the various discussions, but then I decided people could just go and poke around as they wished.  All of these are on LJ (Livejournal) and most journals don’t allow anon commenting.  Getting an account is free, or you can use OpenID on some journals.

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