I think the work on the site is done for the moment. TCJ has managed to restore all our comments and post labels. I think there are probably a few blips here and there — most notably poor VM’s post from earlier in the day seems to have gotten torched (though I think it will be restored shortly). But considering what it looked like we were going to lose over the last couple of days, we’ve survived pretty well it looks like.

Many thanks to Tom, the tcj tech point man, who has worked very hard to restore the site and get our comments back. Also thanks to Dirk, Gary, and Michael for resolving this situation and taking many steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again. I was somewhat down on everybody earlier, out of what I hope was understandable panic and despair. So apologies for doubting, and my thanks again for everyone’s hard work. I’m very, very grateful to have our content back, and the site restored to working order.

Thanks too to all our readers for your patience with this, and to everyone who offered advice or sympathy. I’m very grateful Derik Badman didn’t have to do all the work he volunteered to do to get our comments back…but I still owe you, Derik.

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