Rogers, Irvine, Di Vito, and Bergting.

Years ago, when the Vom Marlowe was but a tot, she played D&D. And before anyone leaps down her throat, she would like to be very firm and forestall complaints from all and sundry gameboys. Yes, it was D&D. Not AD&D. Played from a skimpy pamphlet and some funny looking dice we had to mail order. So there.

Gaming creds out of the way (no, I still cannot remember what the devil Thaco is, thank you kindly), I shall move onto the actual comic.

This is not a good comic.  I shall admit this upfront.  It has a dragon on the cover (or at least on my cover, I understand there are several).  The human hero has shoulder muscles the size of a Toyota Prius, the colors are a tad murky, the ink is a bit thick, the plot is simple, and the jokes are silly.  And yet…  And yet…

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Go figure.  Also it was only a dollar, which I’m sure helped.

Do I need to explain the story?  I suppose I do.

A male human fighter, a dwarf with an axe, and a female halfling thief walk into a bar dungeon.  There’s some swordplay, some kind of nifty warg-werewolf-troll things (green and wolfish), some slavers and a dragon.  They find their buddy the male elf and meet a female elf-dragonish person who wields fireballs or some kind of magic.  Nifty.  Together they fight crime!

That’s about it, really.

The thing is though, that I found it all rather charming.  It’s a cheesy premise, but let’s face it.  Most comic premises are silly and cheesy.  The execution is gleeful; it doesn’t take itself too seriously and it embraces the tropes that make it good.

Check out this bit:

Well, I thought it was funny.  Just call it a shortcut, heh heh heh.


But as I said, it’s not like this is a particularly good comic.  The drawings are basically anatomically correct (if you allow for whacked out hero proportions, that is), but sometimes…

A stronger line of ink between the dragon and the fighter holding the shield would have made for a better differentiation between the panels.  I mean, it’s cool that the dragon frames it, but I read it and first thought that the green thing was on top of the dragon.  Yes, I puzzled it out, but still.  And the dragon himself has a certain level of floppy cuteness which does not appropriately increase the dramatic tension.

Although honestly, if I saw a plush dragon toy with floppy spines like that, I’d buy it instantly, so perhaps it’s just clever marketing instead.

I bought this comic some time ago, and I admit upfront that I have been putting off reviewing it.  It’s a bit tough to throw up a review of, well, a D& freaking D comic in a blog that spends time talking cogently about Derrida, but I have no secrets from you all, dear blog readers.  You already know my tastes are strange and outre.

Can I recommend this comic?  Well….  Do you know who Drizzt is?  Do you like quippy hack and slash?  I will name no names!  But you know who you are.  (Or, perhaps more likely, who you’re not. )

But remember.  If you want to give it a try, it is only a dollar.

And yes, I am proud to say that I am awaiting the November issue.

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