Domingos Isabelinho looked at Otto Dix’s bookDer Krieg.

New columnist Stephanie Folse talked about the BBC crime drama New Tricks.

Ng Suat Tong talked about the accomplishments of the Comics Journal.

Ng Suat Tong compared the workings of the visual art market to those of the original comics art market.

I wrote a longish essay about Moto Hagio’s story Iguana Girl.

Jones (One of the Jones Boys), did a two part guest post on visual aliens — characters drawn in a different style from their surroundings. Part One Part Two

Utilitarians Everywhere

For Splice Today I wrote an essay on Faith Evan’s new album and torch songs.

For Madeloud I sneered at Sufjan Stevens’ new album.

Other Links

A couple people pointed out this interesting post about where Marston and Peters try to figure out how to draw Wonder Woman.

Shaenon Garrity has a great post about Michael O’Donaghue’s over-the-top-exploitation comic Phoebe Zeit-Geist.

And I’m really into Rye Rye at the moment.

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