Kinukitty reviewed the yaoi manga How to Seduce a Vampire.

Andrei Molotiu examined how it changes our view of comics to see original comics art in a gallery context. (This is the first in a new series edited by Derik Badman reprinting academic articles and essays.)

Richard Cook examined 80 years of Asians on mainstream comic book covers.

I talked about Moto Hagio’s short story Angel Mimic.

Vom Marlowe talks about the novel Blackout by Connie Willis.

Caroline Small discusses Alexis Frederick Frost’s wordless minicomic Voyage.

Utilitarians Everywhere

At Madeloud I review doom metal band The Body’s album All the Waters of the Earth Turn to Blood.

Other Links
I quite like science blogger John Horgan.

This article, with Sesame Street appearances by Destiny’s Child, Stevie Wonder, and Paul Simon, is great.

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