Holidays and comics join forces to fight evil and sell merchandise…


Cover by Craig Flessel (1939)


Cover by unknown artist (1942)

Cover by Frank Harry (1943)

Cover by C.C. Beck (1943)

Cover by Jack Burnley (1945)

Notice how Batman doesn’t help with the heavy lifting. That’s what sidekicks are for.

Cover by Wayne Boring (1947)

Helping Santa the Superman way – with brute force!


Cover by Bob Oksner (1948)


Cover by unknown artist (1952)


Cover by Ed Emshwiller (1951)


Cover by unknown artist (1959)


Cover by unknown artist (1960)

Cover by unknown artist (1961)

The final issue of “Santa Claus Funnies.” It lasted longer than any comic starring Aquaman.



The comic adaptation of one of the worst movies ever made.


Cover by Neal Adams (1972)

Batman put no effort into that Santa costume.


Cover by Nick Cardy (1973)

Cover by Nick Cardy (1975)


Cover by Gil Kane (1976)

Cover by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez (1978)


Cover by Sheldon Mayer (1978)

I’m fairly certain that every single fictional character ever has starred in at least one DC Comic.


Cover by Alan Kupperberg and Mike Esposito (1983)

Yup. Santa is actually the Kingpin of Crime.


Cover by Kyle Baker (1986)

The 80’s were a strange time…

Cover by David Mazzucchelli (1986)


Cover by Stephen DeStephano and Larry Mahlstedt (1989)

Cover by Will Eisner (1989)

Contains reprints of older material.


Cover by Simon Bisley (1991)


Cover by Bill Jaaska (1991)


Cover by Mike Deodato, Jr. (1995)

Image Comics exists to make Marvel and DC look classy.


Cover by John McCrea (1998)

Cover by Adam Pollina


Cover by Cliff Rathburn (2002)

Santa just can’t catch a break…


Cover by Jose Garabaldi (2005)


Cover by Greg Staples (2008)

Cover by Frank Quitely (2009)

Best to end on good ole’ fashioned, commercialized schlock.

Merry Christmas! And to those who do not partake – happy day off work!

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