Xmas A to Z

Avaricious bambinos covet Disney-detritus. Elders’ Fallopian genitals, heaving immaculately, jaculate kenosis-knickknacks. Levittowners merrily nurse organized pedophilia. Quasi-riant revenue-ravenous Santa Taws uncoil. Vultures watch Xt.’s yummy zygote.


Kinukitty started the week out with a review of the yaoi maga Stray Cat.

I explained why Moto Hagio is not just genre fiction for girls.

James Romberger discussed his long association with David Wojnarowicz and explained how the Smithsonian altered Wojnarowicz’s work even before they censored it.

I wrote a short farewell to TCJ.com blogger and editor Dirk Deppey, who has been laid off by Fantagraphics.

Ng Suat Tong discussed the work of manga-ka Hinako Sugiura.

I reviewed Terry Eagleton’s book On Evil.

Alex Buchet discussed how Superman and Shazam have affected the English Language.

Utilitarians Everywhere

At Madleloud I review The Best Music Writing 2010.

“Music itself is a call that demands response,” editor Ann Powers writes in her introduction to Best Music Writing 2010. That may be true, but it’s not exactly the message of the book she’s put together. She might have been more accurate if she had said, “Musicians are a call that demands response.” Or even, “the music industry is a call that demands response.”

Also at Madeloud, I review the new album by Ukrainian black metal group Drudkh.

At Splice Today I talk about R&B star Ciara’s career and her new album.

Other Links

This article sneering at any and all pop and rock is pretty entertaining.

I’m obsessed with the Wire at the moment. This essay about it is okay. Anybody find any better reviews online?

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