Domingos Isabelinho does a close read of a page of Herge. In comments he explains what he did wrong.

Stephanie Folse looks at issues 3 and 4 of Elfquest.

Matthias Wivel looks at Jimmy Corrigan in light of Chris Ware’s later work.

Richard Cook looks back at the Comics Code.

Ng Suat Tong reviews Brecht Evens’ “The Wrong Place.”

I discuss Stanley Cavell’s theories of film in relation to Mondrian, HIroshige, Jeff Wall, Blaise Larmee, art, film, and comics.

Alex Buchet looks at how British comics have influenced the English language.

Utilitarians Everywhere

At Splice Today I talk about Chicago juke.

Other LInks

Stanley Fish has a nice review of True Grit.

Chris Sims explains Bane.

Matt Seneca on a panel from Tintin.

Jason Overby quits.

Kate Beaton presents sexy Batman. (Via Sean Collins.

And your Panelist link of the week: Derik Badman discusses bricks.

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