Erica Friedman talked about her love of manga audio drama CDs.

Robert Boyd tried to figure out why Jaime Hernandez’s original art sells for the prices it sells at.

The mysterious internet troll Cough Syrup talked about Jason Overby and the Cocaine Modem.

Caroline Small and I discussed Gilbert Hernandez’s Human Diastrophism.

I looked at one panel from Ariel Schrag’s Likewise.

Vom Marlowe wished there weren’t so many zombies.

I talked about philosophy and film.

Next week: James Romberger looks at the personal reasons he is so drawn to the work of Alex Toth and Jack Kirby; Ng Suat Tong looks at Mezzo and Pirius’ King of the Flies; I look at the films in Solaris; Kinukitty on yaoi and more.

Utilitarians Everywhere

At Splice Today I the Lovers and the tyranny of best of lists.

Not that I’ve anything against Kanye; I still haven’t heard that album, but “Monster” is a great song. More power to him and Nicki. It’s churlish to sneer at late capitalism when you’re mired up to your neck in late capitalism. The Internet that lets me instantly download albums by Sarah Vaughn or Esoteric is the Internet that makes it possible for everyone on earth to simultaneously speak Robyn’s name at the end of the year. For that matter, I love Robyn, just like I’m supposed to. If the world’s at your fingertips, then you shouldn’t be upset if you can’t detach your fingertips from the world.

At the Chicago Reader I have a brief blurb about an MCA exhibit focused on Chicago comics artists.

At Madeloud I review a new album by French black metal group Murmuure.

Other Links

The big news around these parts is the big new blog at tcj.com. The Panelists include Jared Gardner, Isaac Cates, Derik Badman, Charles Hatfield, Craig Fischer and Alex Boney. They’ve had a great first week, so go over there and check them out if you haven’t already.

Tom Spurgeon has a fascinating interview with Dirk Deppey over at the Comics Reporter.

Michelle Smith and Melinda Beasi have a fun column about visual duds.

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