I’ll have a little more to say about our move from tcj in a bit, but I thought I’d include this goodbye post from the homepage here.

Well, it was bound to happen. After a bit more than a year at tcj.com, the powers that be have come to their senses and sent us packing. We are now at our new home: http://hoodedutilitarian.com. (Update: And you’re here now!)

We’ve had a lovely time of it though, from our first substantive post about why tcj.com sucked to our last post about sentient penises.

Along the way we’ve had roundtables on Ghost World, Asterios Polyp and Genesis. We’ve had posts by Ariel Schrag and Jason Overby, and a comment from Diamanda Galas. We’ve pissed off Tom Spurgeon, Gary Groth, Jeet Heer (too many times to link!), and the entire manga blogosphere (once, and then again.)

We also picked up a ton of new writers over the course of the year, including Caroline Small, James Romberger, Sean Michael Robinson, and many more.

So, as I said, it’s been a really enjoyable and productive year for us. Being at tcj.com has been a great opportunity and (with some bumps) a great experience. I think the editors have probably occasionally (or perhaps more than occasionally!) wondered what they were thinking in inviting us over. But I’m grateful they did, and that they allowed us to be a part of the Journal’s tradition and legacy. So many thanks to Dirk, Michael, and Gary for brining us onboard and letting us write in their space for this past year-and-a-bit.

Later this week at HU, Sean Michael Robinson is going to add some personal notes to his interview with Gerhard (appearing right here at tcj.com.) James Romberger has an exciting interview coming up as well. A little further out we’re going to have a roundtable on Alec: The Years Have Pants and after that another roundtable on the television drama The Wire. And otherwise we’ll just keep on keeping on. All the best to tcj.com, and thank you again to editors, commenters, and readers. Come see us at http://hoodedutilitarian.com. (And don’t forget to fix your feeds: Post; Comments.

Update: As promised, some more thoughts about the past year and the move are here.

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