Cough Syrup wonders if we need comics.

Nadim Damluji discusses Mickey Mouse in Egypt.

I talk about fathers and vultures in Chris Ware’s Acme Novelty Library #10.

Richard Cook discusses the limitations of editorial cartoons about the revolution in Egypt.

Vom Marlowe reviews Sakuya Sakura’s yaoi manga Endless Comfort.

I review Johnny Ryan’s Prison Pit #2.

And I talk about Sid and Marty Krofft’s children’s shows.

Utilitarians Everywhere

At Splice Today I review a new DVD of classic nudie films.

So, could that be? Could someone get off by watching this thing?

Anything’s possible, of course. People are turned on by plush toys. People are turned on by Jennifer Aniston. Somewhere out there, there’s probably someone turned on by Jennifer Aniston plush toys. God help them.

Also at Splice, I discuss being underwhelmed by David Wojnarowicz’s Fire In My Belly

The big screen turns out to have been an important part of the experience. When I came out, the gallery attendant commented that I looked shocked. I smiled queasily. “No,” I said. “It’s just the hand-held camera. It makes me nauseous.” And other than that, I was mostly indifferent. The 13-minute version in particular was underwhelming. No ant-covered crucifixes here: instead, this was simply a collage of more-or-less interesting scenes from Wojnarowicz’s trip to Mexico. A boy in the street blowing fire, some circus performers, sugar skulls, Aztec carvings, a cock fight inevitably juxtaposed with a wrestling match. Or, in other words —look! Exotic Mexicans! They are colorful and alien, entertaining and slightly ominous! Also (the wall text helpfully informed me) they are spiritual.

And at Splice I reviewed the new, and sadly kind of crappy Wanda Jackson album.

Other Links
I missed this post mortem on Culture 11, where I was a writer for a while.

The Factual Opinion has been quiet for the last month or so, so I was pleased to see them back up with Nina’s very funny takedown of Memoir and Tucker’s very funny takedown of everything else.

Matthias Wivel has been writing up a storm over at tcj.com, including reports from Angouleme and an interview with Chris Ware.

And your Panelists link of the week: Charles Hatfield on teaching superheroes (including Wonder Woman.)”

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