We’re still getting many new visitors, so I thought I’d repost and slightly rewrite this intro post.

If you’ve come for the Victorian Wire post by Sean Michael Robinson and Joy Delyria, you might also be interested in our entire roundtable on the Wire. I thought we were done with it…but in the interest of pandering I figured we’d do a couple more posts later in the week. So stay tuned!

You can also check out other posts by Sean Michael Robinson, including his discussion of teaching art to anime kids and his report on the issues around child pornography cases.

If you’re interested in cultural bricolage and mash-ups, you might want to check out our past roundtable on copyright and free culture. Also, you can read this recent post on the pre-fame experiences of Haydn, Christina Aguilera and Duke Ellington.

Though we’re mostly a comics blog, we do have some non-Wire posts on Television.

As for this blog, The Hooded Utilitarian is a quasi-blog/quasi-magazine hybrid devoted to cultural criticism.

HU is edited by Noah Berlatsky (that’s me). You can see a list of our other bloggers, columnists, and contributors if you look up there on the bar under the lovely banner created by awesome artist Edie Fake.

We also have frequent guest posters. If you’d like to write for us, you can email me at noahberlatsky at gmail.

Hope you enjoy the site. Thanks for visiting!

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