The Roundtable Has Pants

Next week we’re going to have a roundtable on Eddie Campbell’s Alec: The Years Have Pants.

Or at least, it was supposed to be on The Years Have Pants. We’ve had a slight bit of mission creep. Specifically, the good folks at have agreed to join us, and over the course of the week they’re going to talk about The Playwright and some other Eddie Campbell works. Also, Robert Stanley Martin writing here is going to talk about The Fate of the Artist.

So it should be a feats for Campbellphiliacs! Hope you’ll join us, both here and at The Panelists! (We’ll link to their posts as they go up, just so you don’t miss any.)

Here’s the ongoing roundtable.

And now for your regularly scheduled Utilitarian Review.


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Alec Stevens did a brief survey of Christian comics.

Jog did a massive essay (part 1 of 2) on Christ, the end of the world, and Swamp Thing.

I discussed Marston and Peter’s Wonder Woman #24.

Erica Friedman wrote about manga magazines that will not be confined to one demographic.

Ng Suat Tong discussed the food fascism of Oishinbo.

Tom Crippen discussed Frank Frazetta’s funny animals.

I argued, contra Matthew Yglesias, that boring school children is a bad idea.

And I talked about Paul Celan, Spiegelman, and the metafictional lameness of caricature.

Utilitarians Everywhere

Alex Buchet and Nadim Damluji met up in Paris to plot a proposed takeover of HU, but revolutionary intentions dissipated with wine into abstruse comics nerdism. (Mr. Buchet is the one on the left with the funny hat.)

At Splice Today, I sneer at Bing West’s new book about Afghanistan.

Also at Splice, I argue that Perotin is better than Julianna Barwick. One’s got God, the other not so much.

Other Links

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