A number of people (okay, two. two people) have expressed regret at the demise of Music for Middle-Brow Snobs. So I thought I’d resurrect it, at least fitfully. Here then is an electronicaish download for those interested.

Download Robotboy here.

And if you’re interested in what you’re getting, the tracklist is below.

1. Robotboy — Robyn
2. Suddenly the Trees Are Giving Way — Ulrich Schnauss
3. My LIttle Beautiful — µ-ziq
4. Carceres Ex Novum — Xeper
5. Night Knuckles — Clark
6. Donkey Rhubarb — Aphex Twin
7. Little Things — Martyn
8. Lasttrak —Plastikman
9. Cast Out Your Demons — Legion of Two
10.The Belldog — Eno-Moebius—Roedelius

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