Well, the giant to Sean Michael Robinson and Joy DeLyria’s Victorian Wire post has mostly died down; we’re back to twice our usual traffic rather than thirty times our usual traffic.

Fans of that post, though, will be pleased to hear that Joy is going to join us as a regular columnist. You can read more about her here. We’re very excited to have her aboard!

In other news…if you notice over on the right we’ve got a new Donate button. If you enjoy reading us, we hope you’ll consider putting a few bucks in the tip jar. Money will go to pay Derik for his work in keeping the site running…and in the unlikely event that there’s enough, we’ll put the remainder towards the web hosting.

Utilitarians Everywhere

I have a review of the Britney album at Splice Today.

And I review an art exhibit on global warming at the Chicago Reader.

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