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Featured Archive post Ng Suat Tong on the market for original comics art with racist content.

Mahendra Singh on the greatness of Jeffrey Catherine Jones and the ugliness of contemporary comix.

Sean Michael Robinson on Cross Game; part of this month’s MMF.

I wrote on Wonder Woman: Christ or Superdick?

Kinukitty on Crimson Snow and the sad end of Tokyopop’s Blu.

A review of Wonder Woman: Amazon. Icon. Hero.

I talk about the Wonder Woman pilot getting canned and why I find it hard to care.

Utilitarians Everywhere

In Robot 6 comments I had a long argument about racism and Flashpoint.

At Splice Today I review Alvarius B’s Baroque Primitiva.

Also at Splice I talk about Jack Hill’s Switchblade Sisters.


Robert Stanley Martin on Godard’s Vivre Sa Vie, prostitution, and Chester Brown.

Satoshi Kanazawa’s racist nonsense.

Derik Badman on Cross Game.

Nice article about Rosalie and Leah and misogyny in Breaking Dawn.

Craig Fischer’s Team cul de sac, favorite comic zine zine cover.

Tucker Stone on Flashpoint at comixology.

Stanley Hauerwas on the war in Iraq.

Derik Badman detourns Cross Game.

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