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Featured archive post: Derik Badman’s translation of Fabrice Neaud’s essay on Aristophane’s Conte Demoniaque.

James Romberger on some of the most underrated Kirby comics ever.

I talk about DC’s stupid flashpoint map.

I discuss French black metal horde Blut Aus Nord and Caroline Pickford’s liturgical philosophy.

I talk about the emptiness of Ghost in the Shell, the manga.

Joy DeLyria discusses the feminist problems with Bewitched.

Sean Michael Robinson argues Samantha of Bewitched is a slumming immortal, not a trapped housewife.

Utilitarians Everywhere

I review the Japanese gorefest Psycho Gothic Lolita at Splice Today.

And also at Splice I look at the recent Republican debate so you don’t have to.

Other Links

The folks at Savage Critics talk Paying for It.

Charles Reece disagrees with me about Priest.

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