Our featured archive post last week: Sean Michael Robinson on the curse of talent.

James Romberger on the IDW book about Alex Toth.

I talk about what we don’t see in Paul Verhoeven’s the Hollow Man.

Anja Flower on art, skill, and talent.

Nadim Damluji on the rise, fall and disappearance of manhua (Chinese comics).

Don’t reboot, DC. Just fucking die.

Erica Friedman on Judo Master and being sick of racism and sexism in comics.

Domingos Isabelinho on Alan Dunn, Will Eisner, R. Crumb, and how to avoid racist caricature.

Utilitarians Everywhere

Lady Gaga vs. Gallhammer at Splice Today.

Learning to love the sword with 13 Assassins.

Other Links

One review of the Wonder Woman pilot.

Let’s have war forever.

On micro-criticism.

Another review of the Wonder Woman pilot.

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