Featured Archive Post: Erica Friedman discusses the solution to the scanlation solution.

Nadim Damluji discussed Tintin and the Case of the Arab Henchmen.

I talked about the positive aspects of American financial collapse, sparking a debate about economics in the comments.

Matthias Wivel argued for the formal, visual, and thematic successes of Chester Brown’s Paying For It.

I still didn’t like Paying For It that much.

David Bitterbaum talked about sex and violence in Ellis and Ryp’s “No Hero.”

I talked about gender, romance, and tragedy in Weeds and the Wire.

Robert Stanley Martin reviewed Ron Rash’s short story “The Ascent.”

I reviewed the Republican presidential candidates.

James Romberger discussed Basquiat.

Utilitarians Everywhere

I look at the release of campy B-movie sort-of-classic Oblivion.

Other Links

At TCJ, Sean Michael Robinson interviews Mahendra Singh.

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