The blog is going to be very busy. Starting tomorrow we have an exciting artists roundtable which will run through the week. After that it is looking as though Robert should be ready to do his Best Comics Poll results extravaganza in early August. So check back with us!


In our featured archive post, Jones, One of the Jones Boys, talks about visual aliens.

We started the week off with a meditation on Gasoline Alley and change by Sean Michael Robinson.

Robert Stanley Martin looked at Godard’s Les Carabiniers.

Franklin Einspruch discussed the Krazy Kat inspired abstractions of Walter Darby Bannard.

I expressed mixed feelings about Shimura Takako’s Wandering Son.

Richard Cook looked at ten types of stupid in transformers 3.

I posted a neo soul download mix.

Russ Maheras wondered why the Air Force gets such a bad rap in Super 8.

And Caroline Small…

Utilitarians Everywhere

At Splice Today I discuss the ecological black metal of Botanist.

I argue that Harry Potter is mediocre and Quidditch makes no sense.

And I talk about Tomas Sedlacek’s book The Economics of Good and Evil.

Other Links

Craig Fischer on Gene Colan.

Conor Friedersdorf on Obama’s broken promises.

Alyssa Rosenberg speculates on why people freak out at politics in their pop culture.

And Switchblade Sisters is available on netflix instant. Watch it!

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