Next week begins our Best Comics Poll countdown. Discussions, essays, lists, and more will be running on this site over the next two weeks. Robert Stanley Martin has knocked himself out putting this together, and we’re very excited to be presenting it here on HU. So please stop back throughout the week!


This week on HU was devoted to our Illustrated Wallace Stevens roundtable. The easiest way to navigate the roundtable is probably to start at the index. Many, many thanks to all the artists who participated. It’s been a wonderful project, and I’m really grateful to have had the opportunity to host it.

Utilitarians Everywhere

On Splice Today I have a review of the new documentary The Interrupters about violence in Chicago.

Bert Stabler and I talk about Zizek and Christianity and more at his blog.

Other Links

Alyssa Rosenberg on race and magic pixie dreamgirls.

Interesting article on sexism in the scientific community.

Shaenon Garrity’s review of Wandering Son.

Uncomfortable questions about women in DC titles.

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