Celebrating Edie Fake’s win for Outstanding Graphic Novel at SPX, our featured archive post this week is Edie’s contribution to our illustrated Wallace Stevens roundtable.

James Romberger talked narrative and visuals in Caniff’s Terry and the Pirates.

Tucker Stone and I finished up our blog crossover with a conversation about Macan/Kordey’s Cable X (and check out Igor Kordey’s response in comments.)

As part of Pussy Goes Grrr’s Juxtaposition blogathon, I reprinted my discussion of I Spit On Your Grave and its remake.

Joy DeLyria on the Bible as fandom.

Meg Worley on Wilfred Santiago’s In My Darkest Hour.

Marguerite Van Cook on the dangerous sublimity of looking at comics.

Utilitarians Everywhere

At the Chicago Reader I recommend Keith Herzik’s awesome show at the Hyde Park Arts Center, coming in October.

At Splice I review George Strait’s new album.

Also as Splice, I talk Lindsey Buckingham and cocaine.

Other Links

Pussy Goes Grrr has a juxtaposition blogathon, where contributors compare two or more films.

Matt Seneca on the DC relaunch.

C.T. May on Paying For It.

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